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1. I want to move my vehicle to another spot before 2 hours expire to avoid a ticket. How far do I have to move my vehicle?
2. When is the 2-hour time limit enforced?
3. I got a parking ticket, what do I do now?
4. Doesn’t the police department have more important things to worry about than parking?
5. I bought a parking permit before the police department took over this program. Is it still valid?
6. Can I park for more than 2 hours around the O’Mahoney Federal Building (2120 Capitol Ave.)?
7. Do I need a permit if I have jury duty?
8. Is my on-street VIP Parking Pass/Super Special Parking Pass still valid?
9. I have a disabled permit/license plate. Do I have to move my vehicle after 2-hours?
10. Why are the parking fines so high/low?
11. What’s a recipe for chicken noodle soup?