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Towing and Wrecker Recovery Operations

See the full Towing and Wrecker Recovery 5.78 Ordinance here

Towing Fees

Maximum approved towing rates for tows within the City of Cheyenne when towing service is requested by the Cheyenne Police Department. (Does not include abandoned vehicle towing, which is established by Laramie County)

These maximum towing rates are applicable for towing firms currently on the Cheyenne Police Department towing rotation list.  The Cheyenne Police Department does not mandate that these maximum rates be charged, but towing companies shall not exceed them when responding to a Police Department request for a tow truck, unless extremely unusual conditions exist to dictate a higher labor and equipment costs.

Any variation in charges in excess of the accepted fee schedule below requires express written or oral preapproval from an officer or designee of the police department prior to performing the towing services giving rise to the excess charges and sufficient written and photographic documentation provided to the police department to justify the additional charge.

The below listed fees are for passenger cars and light trucks, and does not include large commercial vehicles and motor homes.

Normal in-town tow
: $160
    Includes all of the following services:
        Accident scene clean-up
        Tow to within 10 miles of incident
        Motorist assist/ Road Hazard
        Labor at scene

Use of dollies: $50

Unusual accident/Rollover situation or additional truck needed:  Additional $105 per truck or operator

Storage (After first six hours):
    Outside: $35 per day
    Inside: $45 per day

Drop Fee: $80 
    When the vehicle owner or authorized agent arrives at the scene prior to the vehicle being towed, and requests the tow be cancelled

Gate Fee: $50 
    Only after normal business hours, weekends and holidays

Vehicles towed under the authority of WSS 31-5-508 will result in a right to a hearing when requested by the vehicle owner.

If the hearing officer determines the tow was not done within statute, ordinance, policy or the owner was not given proper notification, the department may pay for a portion of the tow and associated fees.

For more information you can e-mail our Tow Coordinator