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We prioritize lateral candidates and allow laterals to begin the application process as soon as you're ready. Contact our recruiter, Sgt. DeBall at 307-633-6612 or for information.
Congratulations, you found us, now see why you belong here

We get it, you're tired of working for an agency or community that isn't supporting your career goals.  This is your opportunity to satisfy what you set out to do with your career in law enforcement!

Here are some reasons you'll want to "Protect the Legend" of Cheyenne with us!

Pay & Benefits

$7,500 signing bonus for laterals- Hire on and get some cash, it could help you on your down payment for your new house with 20 acres of land. 

No state income tax.-Aside from what you pay to Uncle Sam, you keep what you earn here. Compare your cost of living to ours in Cheyenne.

20 year pension- You're eligible for a state pension of 50% of your top five earning years (not a 401K; no more hoarding paperclips from the office in hopes of cashing them in when you retire).

Laterals can obtain a higher rate of pay than new hires. After completing FTO, 2-4 years of prior experience bumps you to $54,069 per year, 4-6 years of experience $56,205/ per year and 6+ years of experience $58,665 per year.

Support From The Community You Work With

While pay and benefits are very important to consider, the community you work with plays a big part in where you go. A lack of community or department support is what led many of our lateral officers to land in Cheyenne.  The community support you receive here is apparent everyday and it starts from the top with our city's mayor and city council who are outspoken in supporting the Cheyenne Police Department.

As a Cheyenne Police Officer, know that we are a department that continues to have a reputation for great community and leader support.  Our officers get thanked by our citizens on a regular basis.  To get an unfiltered glimpse of our community relations, check out our Facebook page.  

Community and Benefits


Are you tired of getting passed over on specialty selection?  Don't know about dedicating your whole career into one focused area?  We're big enough to have a variety of specialties, but small enough that you have a chance at getting into a specialty.


The Cheyenne Area

We are what most people think of as a small city, yet with a population of about 60,000, we still have plenty of options for shopping, housing, and some anonymity.  If you want the big city experience, you can go shopping in Fort Collins or watch a game in Denver, come back home to Cheyenne and not have to put up with all the traffic and people on a day-to-day basis.  If you're looking for a little solitude, we have mountains, lakes, ski resorts and hunting opportunities nearby.

Things To Know

Find out more about our hiring process at our employment page or by contacting Sgt. DeBall directly at or 307-633-6612.