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Graffiti / Gangs
Message from the Chief
The presence of graffiti can send the message that a neighborhood is in decline or over-ridden with crime. When graffiti is committed by gang members it allows the gang to mark their turf and intimidate others. Thus, painting over graffiti as soon as possible sends the message that we take pride in our community and will work together to prevent crime.

Therefore, the members of the Cheyenne Police Department have taken the lead in eradicating graffiti by forming the Cheyenne Area Gang Enforcement Team and launching the Graffiti Abatement Unit. Help us to “Protect the Legend” of Cheyenne by volunteering your time or resources to this valuable program.

Brian Kozak
Chief of Police

Cheyenne Area Gang Enforcement Unit & Graffiti
The Cheyenne Area Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit is comprised of Cheyenne Police Officers and other state and local law enforcement agencies. The officers are responsible for monitoring gang and graffiti activity in each of their respective beats. They investigate gang-motivated and gang-related crimes and liaison with other police agencies to track gang offenders' activities.

The Cheyenne Police Department also has a Juvenile Diversion Officer who works with CAGE and youth to initiate proactive intervention strategies. Gang information or questions about the CAGE Unit may be directed to Sgt. Hickerson.

Reporting Graffiti
Reports regarding gang or graffiti activity can be made to the Cheyenne Police Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Police Department also offers a valuable service to citizens to help eradicate graffiti in neighborhoods. The graffiti hotline, (307) 633-6641, is available for people who would like to report graffiti in their neighborhoods.

Graffiti may also be reported by using the online Graffiti Report Form. In most cases, this graffiti will be painted over by the Police Department free of charge after a report has been made and after the property owner has authorized the abatement. Property owners may authorize abatement online with the City of Cheyenne Graffiti Abatement Waiver for Property Owners / Managers.

Once Graffiti is Reported
Graffiti that is reported to the Police Department will be logged. Police volunteers will then attempt to contact the property owner to obtain permission to paint over the graffiti or refer the matter to another agency for abatement. Once property owners have authorized the Police Department to paint over the damage the Graffiti Abatement Unit will be scheduled to complete the task.

The unit is made up of civilian employees and volunteers who donate their time to maintain the beauty of Cheyenne. They strive to complete the work within a week; however, it is dependent upon volunteer availability.